Bringing Awareness to Ability

Since 2001, the Starkloff Disability Institute in St. Louis has been providing professionals with disabilities and the companies that employ them with training that leads to best practices for creating a more disability-welcoming environment. But they were suffering from an awareness problem. Too few professional candidates and companies knew of the organization, its services or their nationally recognized history in leading the disability rights conversation.

We create a differentiated positioning that clearly communicated the experience, expertise and resources that SDI provides: The Workforce, Workplace Disability Advisors. Based on this new positioning, we created a comprehensive communication plan that told an authentic brand story and fully explained the breadth of their services.


Project Highlights

Brand Strategy

Identity Design

Web & Digital Strategy

Supporting the Journey

An updated user experience online established clear information paths and site forms for candidates and companies so they could better understand ways programs could support their journey. The new site also included resource libraries with white-papers, videos and additional helpful materials. This increased engagement resulted in a 10% increase in donations in the year the positioning was introduced.

Prioritizing Corporate Consulting

OrgStory facilitated meetings with HR leaders to understand the types of programs, services and resources that would meet their growing needs in recruiting, retaining and onboarding. These insights were the catalyst to the creation of a Course Catalog that features various programs and services available to corporations focused on creating disability-welcoming environments. As a result of this, SDI launched first-ever Workplace, Workforce Disability Summit in St. Louis with more than 100 attendees.