Replacing Traditional Fundraising

Seniors are some of the most vulnerable members of our community, and unfortunately, sometimes their needs for safety, security and comfort are forgotten. St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation provides vital services to these individuals, who are even more at risk in the face of COVID-19. With its major fundraising events canceled, the organization had to adjust quickly to ensure funds were in place to continue supporting seniors when they needed it most. Instead of pursuing a virtual event platform, the organization opted to develop a multi-channel Campaign for Seniors, to remind the community that when they give, these seniors are remembered.

Project Highlights

Fundraising Campaign Strategy

Campaign Identity

Social Media

Campaign Management

Messaging Strategy + Copywriting

Video Production + Photography

Website Development

Meeting Donors Multichannel

Ensuring multiple touch points was key to the campaign’s strategy, providing a variety of avenues to share the stories that would inspire people to give. With the pandemic evolving almost daily, it was important that the tactics could too. Our team was able to safely capture individual senior stories via video, which were distributed via email/digital channels and connected to St. Andrew’s donor management system. Other traditional appeal efforts like direct mail were also employed, to optimize donor audience interaction with the materials.

Remembering Our Seniors, When It Matters Most

The campaign’s creative and messaging platform was inspired by the many roles older individuals have played throughout their lives: friend, caregiver, coworker, neighbor and more. The campaign line “When you give, I am remembered,” embodied this idea, and all the ways they’ve impacted our communities. By using a confident color palette and multi-layer pattern, we embraced this concept in both the visual elements and storytelling, celebrating everything that seniors are and continue to be.

Supporting Our Supporters

An important component of the fundraising campaign involved empowering St. Andrew’s board members and advocates to grow their network, and ultimately, fundraising opportunities. To support this effort, we developed a toolkit for each individual, which included a custom campaign website page that featured their photo and testimonial. We also created a communication playbook and templates to enable success through personal connection. Ultimately, these tactics were responsible for more than 80% of the campaign’s revenue.

“We had to act quickly to make sure we could support our seniors when they needed us most. OrgStory and the Magnetize creative team responded with a thoughtful and beautiful campaign that helped us exceed our goal. We’re very grateful to their whole team.”

Linda S.
Chief Development Officer, St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation