Funding an immediate need

St. Andrew’s Foundation, part of St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors, serves economically disadvantaged seniors who struggle to afford necessities such as prescriptions, rent, home repair and medical care. Their caregivers work with more than 1,500 residents in St. Andrew’s communities and private homes every day. The demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the COVID-19 crisis made these critical supplies hard to find and more costly than budgeted.

Project Highlights

Campaign & marketing strategy

messaging strategy

digital strategy



An aggressive goal

The St. Andrew’s Development Director reached out to our team on March 26, with an urgent need to raise $10,000 as quickly as possible, in order to get their team critical protective medical gear. By April 2nd, our team had developed and implemented a multi-channel micro campaign that included persona research, audience segmentation, content creation and communications design.

The fundraising messaging was tailored to each persona and distributed through successive emails. We also integrated this appeal language into existing channels, which included a website splash page and social media campaign — not only for the Foundation but also St. Andrew’s Senior Living communities. We also worked closely with the client to quickly stand up a giving page that tracked incoming donations against their goal.

Exceeding expectations

The first appeal email was distributed on April 2, 2020. Less than two weeks later, the foundation had exceeded their goal by more than $1,000. Email open rates also exceeded expectations:
Audience 1 Open rate: 59.7% Click rate: 6.9%
Audience 2 Open rate: 71.4% Click rate: 25%
Audience 3 Open rate: 56.8% Click rate: 14.8%
Audience 4 Open rate: 23.8% Click rate: 2.1%

Open rates for follow up emails also had high engagement, with a 65% open rate and an impressive 15% CTR. With the success of this campaign, caregivers were able to remain protected, allowing seniors in their care to continue getting the attention they needed — all while flattening the curve.

“OrgStory and Magnetize were able to act quickly to help us meet this urgent fundraising need, and in just over a week, we exceeded our goal. They were great to work with and we can’t thank their team enough!”

Linda Sanders, Chief Development Officer