Finding Potential

Pathways to Independence is an organization that helps people with developmental disabilities navigate life. More so, it’s a social network and support system for people who deserve to go out and thrive but simply lack the tools or confidence to do so. Once we understood how the vital role the organization plays in helping them connect with the world and realize their potential, our focus quickly shifted to the word “to” — the least assuming yet most mobile word in the organization’s name.

Project Highlights

Brand & Messaging Strategy

UX Design

Coding & Development


Speaking the Brand Language

As we soon discovered, the word “to” unlocked a verbal and visual brand narrative that is an expression of the journey Pathways to Independence members take. Superimposed on photographs that exhibit a wide range of program activities, these messages serve as constant reminders of what’s possible. As part of a comprehensive brand guide, we crafted an extensive list of goals and outcomes inspired by the organization’s mission for the client to mix and match into these brand statements.

Make It Ownable

Early on, we established two non-negotiable creative rules: The brand needed to be accessible, and it needed to look cool. Our team looked to fashion, music and a wide range of other pop genres for design inspiration. But more importantly, all designs were measured against accessibility best practices. The result is a visually stunning brand that’s inclusive, confident and reflective of potential.

This especially bears out in the highly functional and engaging website we developed for Pathways — which also met key operational objectives. These included accommodating a new program category for young adults, creating a nimble UX to support further program expansion, and developing an interactive activity calendar to promote events and attract new participants.