Sharing Stories of Promise

COVID-19 has brought its fair share of challenges, and in the midst of this pandemic, Lutheran Family and Children’s Services (LFCS) wanted to uplift their community and share stories that offered hope. OrgStory partnered with LFCS to develop a campaign that would highlight stories of change and hope, showcasing their impact to clients and donors. The goal was to remind them of the incredible work that LFCS promises to do every day to help families and children across Missouri.

Project Highlights




Staying Hopeful

With so much news taking over our feeds, we needed a way to make LFCS’ stories distinct and special through a unifying thread. The “faithful promises” tone and visual identity aligns with LFCS’ Christian commitment and hopeful spirit. Stories focus on their unwavering support of individuals seeking an array of social services, from adoption and foster care to parenting and behavioral health.

Telling Stories Through Social and Digital

The campaign is featured on multiple communications, such as donor appeals, newsletters and emails as well as LFCS’ social media. Users are driven to a dedicated page on their site where deeper stories and an opportunity to give lives.