A Forward Thinking Approach

Looking towards the future of their faith community, Federated Church saw the need to refresh their brand in a way that would better represent their pillars of love, acceptance and inclusivity. Our team spent focused time in discovery with the congregation and church leadership. The result was a brand position and messaging strategy that looks to the future while maintaining the legacy of Federated.

Project Highlights

Brand strategy

Identity design

Messaging strategy

Launch strategy

Collateral design

Live Your Faith

Their new brand identity focused on a mark with a stylized “f” icon. The mark consists of three parts representing the Father as the foundation of the icon; the Son as the cross that forms the arms of the “f,” and the Holy Spirit as the flame that forms the crook of the “f.” Federated utilized the brand to differentiate its four areas of focus, making them more accessible to the broader community alongside their new empowering tagline, “Live your faith.”