A capital campaign that connects

Every Child’s Hope (ECH) has been a leader in meeting, and anticipating, the needs of youth and families for over 160 years. As ECH looks to the future, it must continue to evolve to connect youth and families with the resources to help them move forward in life and fulfill their potential. One key aspect of the evolution includes the creation of the ECH Youth Development Center, a state-of-the-art hub for enhancing a model of care that gives youth and families greater opportunity for holistic health, healing and hope.

Sharing a story of hope

Today’s society presents youth and families with numerous challenges. Tragically, the youth who are in the care of ECH have faced many of them — many unthinkable. Many have been witnesses to or victims of violence that includes severe abuse and neglect.  ECH, in its work with youth and families, helps them cope with various mental issues including depression, self-harm, suicidal behavior, anger management issues, acting out and a general emotional imbalance. ECH leads by sharing a story of hope.

OrgStory shaped the story to change the narrative

Leveraging the long history of ECH and the impact of its programs, OrgStory captured what ECH had become and, equally important, what it was becoming. From an orphanage to a multi-service youth agency caring for the community’s most vulnerable youth and families. This new story, one of hope, healing and transformation, is putting youth and families on a new journey — a journey that moves from lives traumatized to dreams realized. The Story of Hope Capital Campaign is making the future a reality by helping ECH raise $6 million using a comprehensive communications approach including the campaign identity, overall messaging, case for support, collateral and website.