Comprehensive Senior Living

In 2019, Covenant Place, an established senior living community, embarked on an ambitious plan to expand their St. Louis County location. This included a beautiful new residence facility anchored by a modern community center that boasts a café, medical offices, theater and event spaces.

Project Highlights

Brand & Messaging Strategy

UX Design

Coding & Development


One Mission, Three Identities

Generous donations made all of this a reality, but also required a brand identity system that created both autonomy and unity for the three main entities: Covenant Place (the senior living facility), HJ’s Café (the restaurant) and Mirowitz Center (the community center). As HJ’s and Mirowitz are open to the entire community, special consideration was given to make the brand welcoming to all, while still aligning to the adjacent Covenant Place identity.

The Covenant Place logo was a refresh of the legacy brand, using an updated expression of the Chai, the Jewish symbol for “living.” Bright, bold colors were chosen to evoke energy and life. Each identity followed a pattern of clean, friendly typography highlighted by a singular green element to subtly unite the three.

Designed for Everyday Life

The brands were designed to reflect the vibrancy of the community but also for ease-of-use by our client’s internal team. To help with this, we provided a range of communications templates and built the three websites in WordPress to make updating them easy. Given the age of many end users, accessibility was a key factor in determining the brand aesthetic on print and digital communications.