by Rebecca Kappel, Strategy Director


This year at Jager Boston, we worked to identify and verbalize “what’s different about us.”

Was it our mad graphic design skilz? We have a solid aesthetic and apply visual thinking to every project, from a single postcard to a full campaign. But everyone knows that art and design are subjective. One person’s Rothko is another’s smudged rectangle. There is never one right answer or interpretation.

Is it the personalities of our leadership? If you know us, you know that our leaders are outliers. The marketing industry is full of “experts”. But being an expert in communication in general is what sets Jager and Boston apart. With over sixty years of experience between the two, there’s nothing they haven’t seen. “Ask me how I know?” – Paul Boston.

Could it be our ability to blend left and right brained thinking? Once upon a time, a long long time ago, this industry was about craft. Beautifully inked letters and lovingly spaced blocks of type. The value now is split, and however those percentages fall, being able to blend beauty and strategy positions your brand a step (or two or three) ahead from the start. We have specifically and intentionally grown to meet the left brained needs, while never sacrificing our right brained good looks.

Maybe it’s because we are so fun and friendly? We surveyed our clients and this was actually high on the list. Cause who wants to work with a crab ass? Know that, as a client with Jager Boston, we will get to know you. You may end up knowing more about us than you had planned. And, there is no doubt that someday you will end up across the street at the Hideaway sharing a TJ’s pizza and an unnecessarily strong cocktail. And that you’ll be belly laughing with Greg.

So if it’s not the above, what is it? What makes us different?

With. It’s a little word. But it has big meaning to us. We work with you. Because great results begin with true collaboration. You know your brand and we know communication. We don’t just hear what you are saying, we listen to what you mean. We value client input. (We get it – everyone says that.) We value client feedback. (Now, that’s tougher.) We bring the best of what we have to the table, to sit alongside your best. We own the success of each project with you

Along the way, we have found that:

With crushes goals.

With gets a good laugh.

With changes hearts.

With creates joy

With grows a following.

Work with us. We promise it will be great.