Every constituent to an organization is valuable and serves a key role that helps mold the organization. However, as you dig deep into the fabric of how different constituent groups perceive and identify with your organization, some key attributes will enable you to get the best insights possible.

1) Good Listeners – If you have well-written questions, this shouldn’t be a problem, but often times in my experience, some constituents manipulate the question which leads to irrelevant answers. Someone that is attentive and focused every step of the way will be the most valuable.

2) Aware – Notice I don’t say “involved!” You speak with constituents that are aware of the happenings and understand the mission and vision of your organization. They don’t have to be head of the board to know what the organization stands for to the public, but if there is no common foundation, it will be hard to build upon the conversation.

3) Influencer – As you speak with others, I have found that it is beneficial to speak with at least one person that can socialize and influence others. Often times, these individuals create a buzz around the organization that promotes the engagement of your organization with its constituents. Word travels quickly, so take advantage.

Obviously, a holistic perspective is ultimately most important in concluding the best insights. However, identifying people that possess these attributes will make your efforts more efficient.