A six-week, no-cost guide
for nonprofit organizations

The nonprofit sector may be the most impacted by COVID-19. Nonprofit organizations, small and large, who continue to serve the needs of communities during both good times and bad, have shown no immunity to the financial impact of the virus.

Find your path forward

The Path Forward guide isn’t an overview of what you need to be doing now, but is meant to serve as inspiration for what your organization should consider doing in the next six weeks to make sure it’s ready to grow and prosper on the other side of the pandemic.

  • WEEK 1: Organizational Assessment
  • WEEK 2: Strategic Priorities & Goals
  • WEEK 3: Operations Analysis
  • WEEK 4: Financial Analysis
  • WEEK 5: Fund Development
  • WEEK 6: Communications

Having this six-week plan will provide the questions and strategies to assess every aspect of your organization.  This time presents challenges but also presents new opportunities.

Ready to get started? We hope so.

COVID-19 has changed the world. Now it’s your turn to do the same. As you embark on this new journey, please email us info@orgstory.org if you have questions, want to discuss a topic, get feedback or just talk.

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