Our titles reflect our individual strengths, but we also share a common role: creative problem solvers. At OrgStory, our team has worked with over 100 nonprofit organizations, leading strategic planning to integrated campaign projects – always keeping mission at the center.

Paul Boston

Creative Boss Brand Enthusiast Gearhead

Rebecca Kappel

Audience First Right Brain, Meet Left Brain Maxxinista

Rob Kessler

Smooth Operator Comms Whiz Boiler Up

Kyle Schnurbusch

Mission-Minded Data Rules Gourmand

Jim Schnurbusch

OrgStory Founder

Nina Buckhalter

Content Strategist
Adaptor Content Chameleon Showtunes Enthusiast

Tommy Kessler

Account Coordinator
People-Loving Introvert Question Asker Amateur Philosopher

Victoria Bornstein

California-Canadian GO. BLUE. Oil Painter