You’re the leader of a great nonprofit organization. You are passionate and intimately familiar with what your organization does, who it serves, what it needs and where it’s going. 

But does your board? Your staff? Your donors? Your prospects?

Can each of your key constituents deliver the right story that will help your organization get to the right outcomes? According to recently released research, peer to peer communication – and especially “asks” – are going to be the path of least resistance in order for your organization to reach the right audiences with the right messages that lead to the right outcomes. In other words, while your organization continues to share its story, your organization’s story will become more impactful and meaningful when it’s coming from someone other than your organization. 

Plus, because of the “noise” of all organizations – many just like yours – and society in general, the discipline of having an integrated marketing communications effort that maximizes your message and your investment has never been more needed.

So, now that you have been reminded about how important peer to peer communications have become, and the impact of an integrated communications strategy that helps your organization break through the clutter, let’s go back to asking about the stories, or messages, you think your board, staff, donors, clients served and prospects would tell about your organization. Here’s the quiz:

As the Executive Director/President of your organization, write your answers to the following, simple questions:

  • When was your organization founded and why?
  • What is your organization’s mission?
  • Who does your organization serve?

Easy enough for you, right? Now that you have your written answers for each, ask a member of your board, staff, donor base, clients – even prospects – to do the same. Once you have their answers – specific answers, not general responses – see where they do or don’t match yours. And of course, this “quiz” is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the stories you’ll want your core constituents to know about your organization.

How can your organization expect to benefit from its advocates sharing your stories if they don’t know the right stories to share with the right audiences that will help lead to the right outcomes?