We know that keeping communication and development goals aligned is currently top of mind for organizations as we all adapt our lives to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The Path Forward

The Path Forward

Are you looking to navigate past the impact of COVID-19? We’ve put together a six-week no-cost guide for nonprofits to address “what’s next” while you’re also busy dealing with “what now.”


As we shift to working remotely and limiting in-person interactions, it’s more important than ever to stay coordinated and connected. Here are a few communication tips for organizations in this time of change and uncertainty.


  • Don’t forget your supporters.

    Those you serve must know how changes will directly impact them. Donors should also know how you’re innovating to accommodate needs, and give them opportunities to support those efforts.

  • Take a campaign approach.

    Use different channels for different types of messages (email for official updates, social for quick information, etc.), to ensure momentum isn’t lost in the communication chain.

  • Connect your mission to your message.

    You have an identifiable mission with your supporters. Consistently leverage that familiarity within key campaign messages.

  • Be transparent regularly.

    Keep stakeholders, clients and employees regularly informed of any changes to events or policies to help instill confidence and reduce confusion.

  • Provide concrete examples of action.

    When facing the unknown, sharing things that are being done (even if they’re small) help people feel involved and engaged in any progress.

  • Prepare what you can.

    Uncertainty is at the forefront in crisis. Think through the eventualities and be prepared to respond to the concerns that may arise because of them.


Now, more than ever, let’s stay connected.


Our team has extensive experience crafting internal and external health, safety and security messages — which paired with the right tactics can keep you connected with employees, clients and customers. Some of these could include:


  • Landing pages for ongoing event or information updates
  • Video messages from leadership
  • Thought leadership article development
  • Social and direct communication content and assets
  • Community partnership communications & outreach


We know how powerful it is when people come together in fast-changing situations.

We want to hear what’s working for your organization (and what isn’t).



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