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Hoyleton Youth & Family Services

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Organized for outreach

As one of the largest providers of child welfare and family support services in Illinois, Hoyleton sought an updated web presence that would highlight the impactful stories of the people they help, while positioning Hoyleton as a full-service and holistic provider of care. The resulting site blends approachable and friendly entry points with a robust platform that can support donation and outreach campaigns; built with structural flexibilities that will allow it to grow along with the organization.

Project Highlights

Brand Strategy

UX Design

Web Development

Content Development

“I just spent some time on our new website, I think I might just have the best nonprofit website in the State. I can’t thank you and your great team enough.”

Chris C., President & CEO

Content with purpose

Hoyleton has important thought leadership and resources to share with clients, partners and lawmakers. Our team developed a robust web platform to organize and share this important content with their audience, creating a user experience that made their extensive database easily searchable.

The Healthy Schools Toolkit

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Finding People, Systems & Messages that Matter

As part of its mission to make communities healthier, inclusive and more sustainable, The Health Equity Works team at WashU’s Brown School wanted to help schools establish the best ways to support the health and well-being of their students and families. Magnetize partnered with the client to develop interactive ways to make 100+ pages of content engaging and user-friendly, to ensure the resulting document would be a highly useful tool for educators.

Project Highlights

Print Design

Content Strategy




“Magnetize helped us transform a static, content-heavy document into something educators will really want to use and engage with. We couldn’t be happier with the result.”

Emily K., Project Coordinator

Systematic, Purposeful Design

Magnetize created a design framework and iconography system for the toolkit, in order to develop a visual language that would resonate with the user, providing natural engagement points throughout the document that would easily translate into web and other digital environments.

North County, Inc.

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Authentic & Inspiring

Working alongside regional development organization North County Inc. and its multiple stakeholder groups, Magnetize developed an engaging and fresh brand platform that embraced the authentic stories of people and places that define North St. Louis County. After an in-depth discovery and research phase, we developed a creative, messaging and marketing strategy that aimed to inspire existing residents, while working to attract new residents and businesses to North County St. Louis. This involved collaborating with a wide variety of NCI’s existing vendor partnerships, to ensure the project stayed on track, on time and in budget.

Project Highlights

brand & Messaging strategy

Web & Digital strategy

messaging strategy



Event Marketing

Branding a Place

Ultimately, one of NCI’s primary goals is to attract new businesses and residents to the area — to find their “True North.” By telling authentic stories that highlight stories of community, tourism, neighborhoods and commerce, a genuine and positive narrative will begin to emerge.

An illustrated map was developed as an anchor campaign image and graphic. The custom hand-drawn icons represent places and attractions that are special to the communities in North County, which when combined  with the authentic stories of community members and businesses paints a diverse and dynamic picture.

Spread the Word

One of our desired outcomes of this campaign was to develop a position that was broad enough to speak to a wide variety of personas and audiences, and evolve along with the campaign over several years. Using a mix of owned and paid campaign channels, we built specific, sustainable frameworks to spread the True North message. This included a variety of digital and traditional mediums, with the goal of driving the best possibility for exposure.

“Magnetize did an incredible job of navigating our complex stakeholder environment while providing spot-on creative and strategy. We’re confident the campaign they developed is going to help drive a fresh narrative.”

Rebecca Z., NCI President & CEO

Grace Hill Brand & Communications

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Everyday Opportunity

As a nonprofit focused on creating a strong, self-sustaining St. Louis, Grace Hill wanted a brand refresh that would engage and inspire neighbors, families and potential donors alike. We started by developing the line “Everyday Opportunity,” which captures the mission and possibilities this important organization provides. The accompanying logo works as a natural extension of this brand position, inspired by hope and promise of a better tomorrow.

Project Highlights

brand strategy

web & digital strategy


Content strategy

identity design



Collaborative Communications

Our team has collaborated with Grace Hill on a broad range of multi-faceted, ongoing communications to support its programs and fundraising efforts. This work has included social/digital campaigns, direct mail and publications. One highlight is their Annual Report to the Community, which celebrates the year’s successes with messages and images of hope. The bright colors, candid photography and bold typography are all a seamless extension of their brand — inspired by the positive impact Grace Hill has on so many families.

A Growing Understanding

In order to have anyone buy into an idea, especially one that calls for monetary giving, they have to understand who we are, what we do, and why their help or donation is impactful. We used a local approach, as Grace Hill serves those throughout the St. Louis city, but we also presented a big picture idea with Grace Hill’s partnership with Head Start, a national organization. Specified targeted allowed us to target a variety of people (ages, locations, affinities, etc.) while keeping our demographic relevant and wide spread based on likelihood to donate.

“You have always taken great care to understand the nuances of our mission and values, and give our brand that same level of thoughtful attention.”

Laura K., Interim President

Siteman Cancer Center Expansion

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Caring for Communities

Siteman Cancer Center has relied on members of our team since opening their first facility in 1999. Now a recognized national leader in cancer research and treatment, Siteman has expanded with satellite locations across the St. Louis region, furthering its mission to bring accessible, world-class care to its patients. For each of these efforts, Siteman partnered with Magnetize to create a campaign and messaging strategy that would engage with each specific audience about the new facilities.

Project Highlights

brand strategy

identity design

event marketing



Environmental design

BJC Mobile Health Fair

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Come One, Come All!

BJC St. Charles County, our longtime client, challenged Magnetize to transform an empty space (in the form of a mobile event trailer) into an interactive, consumer-friendly experience that combined entertainment, health care education and promotion of everything BJC offers the community.

Project Highlights

brand Strategy

content strategy

web & digital strategy


identity design

event marketing


BJCSC Illustrations-01

A Carefully Crafted Experience

Working collaboratively with our client and vendor partners, our creative team built this engaging, modern experience with a look inspired by a vintage state fair. The combination of hand-drawn illustrations, classic typography and layered colors exudes a friendly and relaxed vibe. In each activity, we wove in subtle promotion of hospital service lines, making this a hardworking and memorable touch point in the consumer journey.

Traditional Meets Digital

Beyond making it approachable and fun, we also needed to create digital experiences that encouraged interaction and drove new patient leads for BJC. These touch points were built into every part of the experience: From uploading photos and kids’ drawings to a custom-built microsite to filling out a form after a health quiz — the interactions were seamlessly woven into multiple elements. Digital integration included links to the hospital CRM, a microsite for contest winners, a Snapchat geofilter and gated wifi.

Following Up on the Fun

So what happens after the fair? We made the follow up conversation with BJC easy and natural. Incentives like free cookbooks, online classes and event registration helped capture emails via online forms. Working with our client, we also utilized proven experiential marketing tactics like contests and kids’ coloring pages, which drove users to a mobile-optimized microsite that highlighted winners and shared photos of the event.

BJC Hospice

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Celebrating Life

To create a new brand identity for BJC Hospice, Magnetize developed a design and messaging strategy that offered a concise expression of their purpose with warmth, sincerity and confidence. The tagline “Every Moment” emerged alongside new logos for BJC Hospice and Evelyn’s House, their new hospice home — all thoughtfully crafted to match the comfort BJC Hospice’s caring team provides so many patients and families.

Project Highlights

Brand strategy

identity design

content strategy

content development

“We appreciated the time you spent learning how to best approach this emotional and sensitive topic, which is reflected in the beautiful outcome. It’s an extreme pleasure to work with a team that listens to what is said and what is not said and blends it into who you are.”

Barbara W., RN, Director of BJC Hospice

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