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LFCS Faithful Promises Campaign

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Sharing Stories of Promise

COVID-19 has brought its fair share of challenges, and in the midst of this pandemic, Lutheran Family and Children’s Services (LFCS) wanted to uplift their community and share stories that offered hope. OrgStory partnered with LFCS to develop a campaign that would highlight stories of change and hope, showcasing their impact to clients and donors. The goal was to remind them of the incredible work that LFCS promises to do every day to help families and children across Missouri.

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Staying Hopeful

With so much news taking over our feeds, we needed a way to make LFCS’ stories distinct and special through a unifying thread. The “faithful promises” tone and visual identity aligns with LFCS’ Christian commitment and hopeful spirit. Stories focus on their unwavering support of individuals seeking an array of social services, from adoption and foster care to parenting and behavioral health.

Telling Stories Through Social and Digital

The campaign is featured on multiple communications, such as donor appeals, newsletters and emails as well as LFCS’ social media. Users are driven to a dedicated page on their site where deeper stories and an opportunity to give lives.

Siteman Cancer Center Expansion

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Caring for Communities

Siteman Cancer Center has relied on members of our team since opening their first facility in 1999. Now a recognized national leader in cancer research and treatment, Siteman has expanded with satellite locations across the St. Louis region, furthering its mission to bring accessible, world-class care to its patients. For each of these efforts, Siteman partnered with Magnetize to create a campaign and messaging strategy that would engage with each specific audience about the new facilities.

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Environmental design

BJC Mobile Health Fair

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Come One, Come All!

BJC St. Charles County, our longtime client, challenged Magnetize to transform an empty space (in the form of a mobile event trailer) into an interactive, consumer-friendly experience that combined entertainment, health care education and promotion of everything BJC offers the community.

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A Carefully Crafted Experience

Working collaboratively with our client and vendor partners, our creative team built this engaging, modern experience with a look inspired by a vintage state fair. The combination of hand-drawn illustrations, classic typography and layered colors exudes a friendly and relaxed vibe. In each activity, we wove in subtle promotion of hospital service lines, making this a hardworking and memorable touch point in the consumer journey.

Traditional Meets Digital

Beyond making it approachable and fun, we also needed to create digital experiences that encouraged interaction and drove new patient leads for BJC. These touch points were built into every part of the experience: From uploading photos and kids’ drawings to a custom-built microsite to filling out a form after a health quiz — the interactions were seamlessly woven into multiple elements. Digital integration included links to the hospital CRM, a microsite for contest winners, a Snapchat geofilter and gated wifi.

Following Up on the Fun

So what happens after the fair? We made the follow up conversation with BJC easy and natural. Incentives like free cookbooks, online classes and event registration helped capture emails via online forms. Working with our client, we also utilized proven experiential marketing tactics like contests and kids’ coloring pages, which drove users to a mobile-optimized microsite that highlighted winners and shared photos of the event.