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Why we do what we do

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Our work focuses on the nonprofit sector

Sometimes this work is really hard. But in moments of stress and long hours, we are reminded why it is that we do what we do. For us, it goes beyond just getting it right the first time, or making a client happy — in our hearts; at the soul of why we do this work, we want to do good for good.

We’re reminded of why we do this work when we get to tell the story of a little girl who found a family through her Foster parents and siblings. It’s conducting a focus group with patients touched by a terminal illness and hearing their stories of hope and resilience that can stop us in our tracks. When we see the look on an elderly couple’s face during a photoshoot, beaming with hope and pride as they show us around a beautiful, state-of-the-art senior apartment community they never thought they’d be able to afford.

Our work is more than design, it’s meeting people where they are to amplify their voice and educate audiences about their perspectives.

This work is all about the people and their stories, not ours. They’re why we show up every day.

We are so lucky to get to do this work.

OrgStory was created because we believe that in order to create the powerful, lasting change so many nonprofits are working toward, they need and deserve quality communication and design. We’re talking the exact same caliber of strategy and marketing consultation that for-profit, typically larger budgeted clients, receive from your average marketing agencies.

They’re clients like…

Hoyleton Youth and Family Services who assists children and families in Illinois address the mental health challenges caused by COVID-19 by expanding their behavioral health services to 30 community-based clinics.

All Secure Foundation that offers special operations active duty members, veterans and their families facing PTS free counseling services — from one-on-one therapy to family weekend retreats.

United Church of Christ, a Christian denomination focused on God’s Word to create impactful ways to unite people of all backgrounds, helping them build equity in their communities and across the world.

We know that quality communication can be a catapult for change, fundraising essential dollars and ultimately providing help to so many people in our communities that need it most. We believe in the power of these organizations — whether it’s healthcare, housing or access to other services. And we want to be one small part of it.

That’s why we do this work.